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Businessman Talking On Walkie Talkie While Looking At CCTV Camera Footage On Multiple Comp


Attention to Detail

    It’s essential to understand the difference between a security guard and a corporate security officer. Although the two have similar job requisites, the difference lies in their level of expertise and whether or not they’re allowed to carry a weapon.

    A security guard typically is unarmed, and their role doesn’t require them to have any security-related background. On the other hand, security officers have usually gone through a rigorous training program on the various levels of deadly force they can apply in different situations and, in many instances, are also licensed to carry a firearm.

Their role is to:

  • Control and manage access to a business premises

  • Operate access control and monitoring systems like CCTV cameras

  • Ensure that clients and employees adhere to health and safety policies

  • Respond to emergencies that may arise within the company premises

  • Conduct internal and external patrols on the business site

  • Maintain facility by conducting routine checks on the property from time to time

  • Protect personnel within the facility

  • Prevent the entry of unauthorized people into restricted areas

  • Prevent the theft of property

  • Ensure that the site is secure by checking that all entry and exit points, including windows, are locked, that the alarm system is enabled, and that safety equipment like fire extinguishers are in good working order

  • Monitor the premises using closed-circuit TV (CCTV) cameras and look out for any unusual or suspicious activity

  • Allow authorized vehicles to enter and exit the premises

  • Maintain building security by checking visitors’ IDs and logging them into the visitor’s database and ensure that the person the visitors have come to see confirms that they were expecting them before authorizing their entry into the building

  • Coordinate with facility maintenance in identifying, reporting, and fixing safety hazards or damages.

    Prevention is the best remedy if you want your company to thrive. Without a security team in place, your business is left vulnerable to threats from inside and outside the business. Do not wait until your systems and premises have been breached to hire a security team.

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